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Thank you for choosing Equine Acupuncture-TCVM for your horses healing needs!


Dr. Brown sees patients by scheduled appointment during regular business hours-based on location and availability.  Please scroll below for more information 


Note: please review appointment deposit requirements, cancellation fees and no show fees and policies. 

Girl with Horse

New Client 

  • Submit New Client Form

  • Email medical records 

  • Pay Appointment deposit

  • Appointment confirmation 

  • Complete TCVM Forms for appointment day

Hospital Referrals 

Thank you for your referrals 

Note: this is a TCVM practice only. All patients will be directed back to referring veterinarian for all Western/Allopathic Veterinary Medicine. 

Wild Horses
Training of Foals

How to prepare

  • Horses should be clean and dry 

  • Cross ties preferred if available 

Housecalls & TCVM Specialty office for Dogs & Cats

Dr. Brown is also the proud owner of Brown Veterinary Housecalls & Soul Puppy Holistic Healing. 

Cat Walking
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